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We Offer High Quality Foundation Repair Services
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  • helical

    Helical Piers

    Helical piers, also known as anchors, screwpiles or piles, are deep foundation solutions used to secure new or repair existing foundations. Due to their design and ease to install, they are most commonly used whenever soil conditions prevent standard foundation solutions. Helical Piers can be used for many structures.

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  • push piers

    Push Piers

    Push Piers-Push Piers are hydraulically driven sections of pipe that can be driven through unstable soil into load bearing strata. Push Piers are recommended for heavier structures and when bedrock or load bearing strata is fairly close to the top soil. They also can be installed when clearance issues prevent heavy duty equipment from being used.

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  • carbon fiber

    Carbon Fiber

    Carbon fiber wall reinforcement is one of the latest, most technologically advanced wall strengthening and reinforcement products. It is ten times stronger than steel and is usually only slightly thicker than the width of a dime. Carbon fiber can resist inward movement of basement walls permanently and it is guaranteed for the life of the structure.

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  • wall beams

    Wall Beams

    Traditional steel H-Beams and/or I-Beams have been used in interior foundations for many years; while sometimes unsightly when properly installed they have been proven to stabilize inward wall movement over a long period of time. Steel beams can be used in places where carbon fiber cannot be. Alford Home Solutions uses the patented Force beam system.

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  • Understructures


    Understructure repairs are classified as any repairs to the wood framing under your home. This can be the result of wood rot from moisture conditions, wood destruction from pest, or inadequate framing when original construction took place. Alford Home Solutions can repair floor joists, rim joists, center beams or girders, and the sill plate.

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  • Crawl Space Support

    Crawl Space Supports

    Because your home is built directly on top of your crawlspace it plays a key role in your home’s structural integrity. Crawl Spaces bare this weight through the foundation walls and crawl space support columns. Many crawl spaces are designed with a support system that is inadequate and cannot bare the weight of your home.

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Foundation Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Water and hydrostatic pressure are the most common causes of major foundation problems. Water and soil pressures that push against your foundation can cause major damage to the structure of the house. Sometimes downspouts play a major factor in the buildup of hydrostatic pressure. The minor causes can include pressure under or against your footer from soil expansion and contraction during freeze/thaw cycles.

Most common signs can include: stair step cracks and cracks in the mortar joints, wall shears, bowing walls, leaning and tilting chimneys, doors and windows sticking, and sunken concrete slabs.

There are multiple ways you can repair your foundation based on the problems and severity of the damage; therefore, it is necessary to have a skilled professional come out to your house for a free estimate in order to determine what is needed. Alford Home Solutions offers an “Apples to Apples” Price Match Guarantee on all written proposals from a properly licensed and insured contractor.

While we always recommend that you consult with an Engineer, our foundation repair specialists are thoroughly trained to identify and provide a diagnosis and solutions for your foundation needs. Alford Home Solutions works closely with many Engineers in our service areas and we can help you locate an Engineer in your area if requested.

All of our employees and subcontractors have been factory and field trained plus certified for this specific service. Our employees and subcontractors also participate in continuing trainings as new products become available. Alford Home Solutions and our subcontractor network are fully licensed and insured.

The majority of our foundation repair methods and products carry a fully transferable lifetime warranty in comparison to other local contractors who cannot offer the same warranties.

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