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Case Studies and Technical Papers

Enjoy Alford Home Solutions case studies and technical papers which are to help better inform you on our services and processes.

Case Studies

Basement Waterproofing in Barboursville, WV

The Adkins family had always dreamed of using their basement as an office for Mr. Adkins’ growing at-home-business, as well as a space for a billiards table.  The basement waterproofing system they had installed a few years ago worked well controlling the liquid water that once plagued the floor, but radiant water issues still made the walls of the basement damp.

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Basement Waterproofing in Dunbar, WV

Bobbie T. had lived in her home for over 25 years with a nasty, wet, stinky, dirt floor basement that was an unlivable space, and was just that…space. 

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Crawl Space Waterproofing in Charleston, WV

Betty A. had her home on the market when a home inspection report noted high moisture in the crawl space that had caused some of the wood to deteriorate along with inadequate ventilation. 

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Basement Finishing in Charleston, WV

Andrew T. came to Alford Home Solutions looking to turn his unfinished basement into a mancave, complete with a new bathroom.  The current space had no plumbing, so our crews had to install a brand new system.  

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Foundation Repair in South Charleston, West Virginia

Phillip K. contacted Alford Home Solutions for help with his foundation; he had a Home Inspection Report that revealed two walls were in serious danger of caving in due to hydrostatic pressure and the engineer’s report stated a possible rebuild.  

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Foundation Repair in Cross Lanes, WV

A prospective buyer was looking into buying a foreclosure home being sold by the local credit union, and I had inspected the home almost an entire year before to figure out what the design would cost the homeowner that was provided by a local engineer to fix the bowed basement and garage walls.

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Crawl Space Waterproofing in Hurricane, WV

Soon after Dan M.’s house was built, he began to notice water in his crawl space.  This particular crawl space was unique for a couple of reasons: 1) the crawl space was accessible through the bedroom only, whereas, most crawl spaces are accessible through garages, the outside, or basements and 2) the crawl space was very large and it was divided up into four compartments, creating even more obstacles.

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10 Helical Piers in Parkersburg, WV

The homeowners in Parkersburg, WV were not happy when they started to notice their foundation settling, front door sticking, and most concerning to them were the cracks inside and outside of their home. Jerry Hargraves, Solution Specialist, conducted a thorough inspection and found that the left side slab of the addition had settled. The homeowners’ goal was to make their foundation solid again but of course with any job there are a few challenges. Some of the concrete had to be carefully cut and removed in order to install the helical piers, there was a fence that was in the vicinity of the needed repairs, and the crew had to coordinate with landscapers and concrete professionals after the job was completed in order to ensure the property was in tip top shape after stabilizing the foundation.

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Foundation Repair in Ashland Kentucky

There were a plethora of problems in this property in Ashland, Kentucky. From the signs of fungal growth along the cove area where the slab met the basement wall to the visible water that came in from the back left corner of the garage and not to mention the full “shear” crack along the mortar joint on the rear wall. Two different garage walls were bowing too. The homeowners were most concerned about the structural soundness and the goal was to stabilize and stop the foundation movement. Soil pressures had overpowered the wall construction and were causing significant movement.

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WDI Inspection Finds Live Termites

Paul Jones, WDI Inspector, completed a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection on a 1500 square ft. brick rancher that has two car detached garage. Paul Jones conducted a thorough inspection and found live termites in the detached garage on the foundation walls in two places, and he noted the live termites on the report. The customer wanted rid of the termites but did not want any holes drilled in the concrete porch or in front of the garages.

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Installation of 22 Piers in Scott Depot, WV

Lois K. had problems with her home settling and cracking in many exterior areas plus the cracks in the drywall due to de stabilization. She called Alford Home Solutions on December 10, 2013 hoping that we could fix her house. Lois K. called our office and set up her free inspection and we sent out our Solution Specialist, Jerry Hargraves, to conduct a thorough inspection. He recommended the installation of 22 Helical Piers to be placed in strategic areas of the exterior of her home in order to support the troubled areas.

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Crawlspace Water Removal in Scott Depot, WV

Water was rising for a home in Scott Depot, WV. A bad leak in the crawlspace was causing a series of problems including: mold present on the floor joist, musty odor rising up through the home, mold, mildew, and water in the crawlspace, and the weakening of structural components. The owners of the home could not let this happen any longer especially with odors causing them serious allergy problems.

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Water Removal in St. Albans, WV

A St. Albans home had a sump pump that was inadequate causing water and moisture to be everywhere. Mildew surrounded the floor joists along with water that was entering from all around the perimeter all the time causing the beginning stages of wood rot and mildew. With limited space and water everywhere, Derek Adkins and his team took the plunge to install a complete system to fix the problem.

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Waterproofing a basement in Charleston, WV

In the home of Kimberly C. in Charleston, WV, a rainy day meant a wet day. On the front, left, and right sides of the basement in this home, the walls would have seepage problems on a very rainy day. Due to the seepage, moisture was forming in the basement which could cause serious problems for the home owner who was hoping to re-sell the home in the future. Aaron Liller and his crew conducted the installment of the equipment.

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Basement Waterproofing in Charleston, WV

Homeowners in Charleston, WV were trying to sell their home, but they had problems every time it rained. Around the back perimeter of the basement would get water build-up as much as 3 inches at a time. Slight signs of mildew were aslo found and there was no sign of an interior drain.

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Technical Papers

Crawlspace Issues in McArthur, Ohio

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 by

Mrs. Bass had indicated that she had some sagging in her floor and possibly some high humidity issues in the crawlspace. Her floor on the inside was showing more than 1” deflection and was seeing some diagonal cracking of drywall at doorways along the main load bearing wall.

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