When Concrete Fails-Residential Polylevel Solutions

Thursday, March 26th, 2020 by Chris Alford

Injecting Polylevel under Tri-State

From driveways to sidewalks, to basements, to pool decks, it’s the building material of choice for heavily trafficked areas. However, concrete does, unfortunately, crack, settle and sink over time. If we know why this happens, we will know how best to fix it.

You may be surprised to learn that the catalyst behind all concrete settlement is ultimately the soil. At the time of construction, the soil might have been poorly-compacted or the drainage later rendered inadequate, as many homes have gutters that overflow, downspouts that drain alongside the edge of concrete surfaces, or rain that pools at the base of your patio or front steps and stoop.

Seasonal climate and temperature changes also play into how the soil surrounding and supporting your home’s concrete expands & contracts. Whether due to wash-out or dry-out, erosion will often occur, resulting in dreaded void pockets underground. Void-laden soil cannot support the heavy concrete that sits on top of it, and thus, concrete slabs will crack and start to sink or settle, into the voids below.

Alford Home Solutions knows how to permanently stabilize these issues, and it’s patented Polylevel, polyurethane leveling foam provides the best opportunity to lift sinking slabs back to form.

Using our engineer-designed Polylevel process, our expert teams inject the foam through a drilled dime-size hole. Polylevel is a structural grade, dual-part, high-density polyurethane foam that comes out at a very high pressure in liquid form before folding over itself and starting to expand to fill the voids under the concrete slabs.

This process permanently stabilizes your slab and as pressure builds provides the best opportunity for lift. Polylevel solidifies within seven seconds of injection and only fills about 3 cubic feet of area per port injection, meaning you don’t have wet, heavy, concrete sludge flowing through your soil to who knows where!

Polylevel is lightweight (only 4-pounds per cubic foot), environmentally safe, completely inorganic and waterproof, so it’ll never erode or wash away over time.

Slabs often look as level after installation as they did the day they were paved. But perhaps the BEST part – is the extremely quick cure time. You can DRIVE on polyleveled concrete within 15 minutes of project completion, compared to the one to two weeks for poured concrete to cure after a mud jacking installation. There really is a ‘WOW’ Factor in the end, and some customers have suggested that Polylevel is one-part concrete and one-part magic!

To learn more about Alford Home Solutions Polylevel Concrete Leveling System contact us at 1-844-675-6343 and schedule your FREE diagnosis and let us get your home back on solid ground.


Polylevel Foam Expansion

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