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Donnie Hoffman from Alford Home Solutions
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  • By Angie S.
    Normantown, WV

    Customer Review

    By Angie S.
    Normantown, WV

  • By Roy S.
    Ravenswood, WV

    "The most polite and courteous people. Very professional and very prompt. I would recommend them to anyone"

    Customer Review

    By Roy S.
    Ravenswood, WV

    The most polite and courteous people. Very professional and very prompt. I would recommend them to anyone

  • By Tricia D.
    Portsmouth, OH

    Customer Review

    By Tricia D.
    Portsmouth, OH

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  • "I would like to thank you for standing by your warranty..." Read Full Testimonial

    Craig M. of Catlettsburg, KY

    Customer Testimonial

              Mr. Alford, I would like to thank you for standing by your warranty on my piers that failed from the original job November 2016, causing more cracks to appear on my bricks and foundation of my home. I was concerned when I called Alford's last September 2018, to find out that everyone that was involved in the original job were no longer employed with Alford's. No one could answer my questions regarding the records/data i.e. pier depth, pressures used, and proper placement. I was told there should have been records of my job, but none could be located. Mr. Goodall came to my home from Alford's last September 2018 to see the issues going on from the orginal job, but my confidence in your company was not getting better after talking with him. He was nice, but very disorganized to say the least. I later realized that Mr. Goodall was no longer employed with Alford's when my calls were not getting returned by him. It wasn't until Jason Meador was assigned to take care of the issues going on with my home did my confidence return with Alford's. Mr. Meador took the time to come out to my residence, listen to me and inspect the issues going on with my home where the original job was completed. He apologized for the issues I was having and assured me they would be taken care of. He was thorough taking many photographs and documenting the issues going on with my home. He agreed that there was definitely some issues going on with the orginal pier placement, including the piers possible failing. He advised me the piers/brackets on my home were not even used by Alford's anymore, and Alfords now used better piers/brackets with updated technology. I was very impressed with Mr. Meador on how he conducted himself and tackled my problem. I want to also thank you Sir for allowing Mr. Meador to have a structural engineer inspect my home last December 2018. I felt better with the structural engineer's input/report to help advise Alford's on what was going on with my home and the issues from the orginal job, including the proper repairs required to fix the problem. Mr. Meador assured me your best crew would take care of the job. Donnie Hoffman arrived with his crew this past week on February 6th and had the warranty work completed on the 7th. I want to let you know that Mr. Hoffman and his crew were outstanding to deal with. Mr. Hoffman answered all my questions and took the time to explain everything his crew was doing to fix the problem. Mr. Hoffman could tell the original piers failed and installed 5 new piers with the better/updated bracket technology. Mr. Hoffman assured me this would take care of my problem. I felt very good and confident after Mr. Hoffman left. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and constantly worried about my home until Mr. Meador and Mr. Hoffman became involved. I realize you have had some issues with personnel in your company, which I am sure has been very aggravating. These men involved in my warranty job are assets to Alford's and restored my confidence in your company. Again, I want to thank you for taking care of my issues with my home and honoring your warranty. I recently retired from the Kentucky State Police after 21 years of service. I have lived in my home since 2001. I love my home Sir. It has always been my safe haven and happy place to relax from all the stress from my job. Now that I am retired, I can even enjoy it more. I prided and dedicated myself on taking care of people and their problems in my career of being a Trooper. It is nice being taken care of in return by your company. I know a lot of people in the Tri-state from being a Trooper all these years. I will definitely recommend your company from how it conducted itself with my home issues, which is why I chose your company in the first place after researching it.
    Craig M.
    Catlettsburg, KY

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Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Foundation Repairs in Canvas, WV
    Foundation Repairs in Canvas, WV

    Foundation Repairs in Canvas, WV

    We installed piers to fix and protect this customer's foundation. You can see the amazing results we were able to achieve that even closed up this big crack that was running up the wall.

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