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Our Vision

To provide happier, healthier homes inside and out.

Our Mission

To build a team of winners who work hard to provide a WOW customer experience.

Our Values

Faith Integrity Respect Teamwork Leadership Learning

About Us

We believe experiences can be remarkable.

We believe a single action can spread to something more, creating a ripple effect. The full extent of each ripple, we'll likely never know. But we believe that by doing things differently, better, and with intention, our employees can go home at night feeling fulfilled, our dealer network can create impact in our communities, and our customers can live better lives, experiencing peace of mind. When people feel fulfilled, create impact, and experience peace of mind, we know that these emotions and actions also create ripples. We are believers, and we believe these ripples can change the world.


Help us Redefine Our Industry, Join Our Family.

We aren't just a company, we are a family. We are growing and are always looking for the best to join our team.

Rewards and Benefits

Paid Time Off

It takes energy and rest to be your best. Accumulate your time off and recharge on the beach or wherever makes you happy!


We take care of our family, so you can take care of yours. Take comfort in knowing we offer a range of comprehensive benefit packages and a 401K plan.

One Team

We work together as one company supporting and helping each other to redefine our industry. We don't believe in individual departments operating in silos. It is together that we create extraordinary experiences.

One Experience

We believe in consistency, A WOW experience with some customers some of the time just won't do. While redefining our industry we will create a WOW experience for every customer, every time.

Community & Togetherness.

We work hard, we play hard. Whether its our company chili cookoff, volunteering with United Way, or helping an employee in need, we all chip in and we have the smiles to prove it!

Casual Work Environment

Leave those corporate clothes behind, because here you will enjoy a smart casual workplace.

Team Activities

We host several team activities throughout the year. From our annual Christmas Party, to regular team outings, you'll get time to kick back with your coworkers.

Personal Growth

Our employees are happiest when they are growing! We offer programs and ongoing training so you can advance personally and professionally.

What Our Employees Think

Dustin Hatfield

Solution Specialist

The reason I love my job is because I like helping people fix their home and gaining peace of mind knowing the solutions I recommend will achieve their goals.

Danny Cook

Pest Department Manager/Solution Specialist

I came to Alford Home Solutions to get away from the corporate grind of management with Terminix. I heard a lot of good things about them as they were one of my competitors. Let me just say they do not disappoint. Not only do they deliver for the customer they truly care about the employees. The leaders are spiritual which also struck home with me. I have been employed here for 1-year but plan to stay for several.

Matt Cone


I was referred to Alford Home Solutions by a friend and have stayed because it is a good company to work for and I'm treated well. I am always challenged to do better and do a thorough job. I would tell potential employees that this is a good company to work for as long as you are willing to learn and put in effort to do your work. I am proud to work for Alford because of the satisfaction I get when I solve a home owner's problem and restore their peace of mind.

Kim King

Account Manager - Inside Sales

I work with a great group of people here at Alford Home Solutions. All of us give 100% every day to provide each customer with a wow experience. I love working here because I can make a difference in the lives of all I speak with on a daily basis and I have the ability to make their lives great.

Todd Brammer

Customer Care Specialist

Todd enjoys the work environment and says the group of people that he works with are the most caring and compassionate people he's ever worked with. He really enjoys the family aspect and one-team mentality. He thinks it's awesome to work for a locally owned and operated company with such a big name locally.

Casey Painter

Customer Care Specialist

Casey feels proud to work at this company; especially when seeing the outstanding before and after pictures of projects and when making customers happy. The things that Casey likes most about her job are staying busy and the people she works with.

Andy Mills

Solution Specialist

It is refreshing to work for a company that I can actually feel fully confident in our crew's abilities to provide an unmatched level of quality and customer service. I love the fact that Alford always seems to make customer satisfaction a top priority. I also love that we pride ourselves on providing permanent solutions rather than recommending bandaid solutions just to get a sale.

Cody McNeely

Crew Member

I like working at Alford Home Solutions because it's an honest company and I like the type of work and services offered.

Joshua Perkins


Josh says working at Alford is a great employment opportunity, a good healthy work environment, and allows him to provide a promising future for his family. He appreciates that his daily work keeps him involved with all of his trades, gives him opportunities to progress in all areas, and provides a positive work environment. Josh says "I am proud to work for this company because we are very driven, work hard, are goal-oriented, and do great work."

Robert Stanley

Crew Member

The things Robbie likes best about his job are the people he works with and the opportunity to learn more and get better every day.

Phil Vinscavich

Solution Specialist

I like the fact that we are redefining the customer experience by honestly operating in all phases of our business. We treat people the way that we desire to be treated and touch people's homes with solutions to their problems.

Chris Doub

Solution Specialist

I like working for a company where I feel great when a customer calls us because they have a problem and are worried. And that when we leave after finishing the job they have peace of mind.

Our Culture

We Walk Alongside.

We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset, and when we say that, it is more than just words to us. It's what we believe in our hearts. We strive to bring out the best in our employees and help them see a better version of themselves. We understand that there really is no such thing as work-life balance, but instead, work-life integration. We believe that if we can create an environment where employees feel a burning passion and fulfillment from their work, they can go home to create a happier family. And those happy families create happy neighborhoods and communities.