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Problem Crawlspace in Scott Depot Becomes a Benefit!
The previous homeowner had a drain system installed with a low quality sump and no liner. Our customer was still having moisture issues due to lack of vapor barrier and pump...
Our customer, Stephen S. was experiencing issues within his crawlspace including dampness and water standing in several places. 
Our customer, Bonnie P. experienced issues with her concrete including cracks and leveling problems. 
Our customer, Don W. was experiencing issues with their crawlspace such as dampness and standing water.   An Alford Home Solutions Solution Specialist determined the...
Foundation Settlement Repairs
This home was built in the 80's on negative grade and never had any foundation issues until this past summer during our dry spell where the soils dried up and shrank which...
The customer was experiencing crawlspace issues including dampness and mold. 
The customer was experiencing issues with their patio. The ground under the patio had become unlevel creating concrete issues. 
Our customer, Kimberly R. wanted to expand her living space. 
Our customer, Clarence had an outdated bathroom and wanted to upgrade.
Our customer, Roger M. was experiencing issues with their concrete including cracks in their walkway and driveway. 
The customer was experiencing issues with their concrete driveway and concrete steps pulling away from the home. 
Our customer, Mary H. was experiencing issues with her concrete around her pool including cracking and uneven areas. 
Our customer, Tony C. was experiencing issues with his crawlspace inlcuding standing water. 
Our customer, Roberta C. was experiencing issues with her crawlspace including dampness and standing water. 
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